The following classmates have become "un-locatable", either since high school days or
since prior reunions. We owe it to them and to us to make every effort to insure
they know what we're up to. Please pass on any information, or follow-up on you own,
on the whereabouts of:
Steve Aulman Michael Hawkins Sylvia Padilla
Mary (Ellen) Avila Denny Hayhnes Jim Pearce
Mike Baker   *Glenn Plasket
Michael Banks *Robert Hoffman Dell Pearson
Doris Beason   Gilbert Ponce
  Joyce (Holland) Knouse  
Bonnie Bopp Helen Howeth  
*Woodie Berry Jerry Hunter Kathleen Presley
*Helen (Black) Davis Sherri Jarred  
Gilbert Bone *Carolyn (Jaski) Scheer Mary Richardson
David Bragg    
    Terry Riley
Bill Brady   Don Ritchie
Diana Brummett Dwahn Dean (Joyce) Coble Jackie Roberts
Bonnie Burgess Wendy (Kirby) Brice Ernest Ruiz
Jerry Cheatwood Cheryl (Knox) Martin  
Cheryl Cole *Linda (Kuntz) Morris Rodney Sanderson
  Janice (Langford) Valencia Michael Scalia
Patrick Copeland *Henry Leon Joan (Schneider) Etcheverry
    Mike Seeley
Brenda Crafton    
Edith Cryts   Judith Simmons
Edith Dahlstein Jenny Martinez Mavie (Solis) Thomas
James Dawson   Clauddean Southerland
  Barbara McLlvanie Linda Spencer
Judy Drake   Patsy Stevenson
Sharon (Dugger) Rutherford Robert Mettke Chuck Stiles
Janice Ebert Vi Milanowski Monica (Story) Grove
  Joan Miller  
*Earl Farr James Morris  
Albvaro Flores Mary Morris Kathleen Thompson
Roberta Ford Patricia Muir Mike Thompson
Lucille Garado Sandra (Munger) Hogue Alanna (Tidwell) Rucks
Monica Garcia    
Thomas Garner   Virginia (Vendsel) Johnson
Nancy Gilbert Larry Nicks  
Joe Gonzalez    
    Albert Webb
  Linda (Ogden) Schaub Terry Wheeler
    Christine Wimer
Gail Harvey David Padilla Michael Wolford


Contacts: Any questions, and most importantly, any information on lost
classmates or those with new names or addresses, contact Robert Dallons 
by email here!